Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Huge Accident or A Purposeful Happening?

By Pat Davis
I look at a single tree and the forest behind it. I look at the glorious mountain and the great green valley. I look at the bubbly spring, the raging river, and the majestic sea. I look at the moon and the shining stars in the heaven. And behind it all I see the Creator.
The evolutionist looks at a tree and sees a million accidental burps causing variation of species. The tree stands on a mountain; the mountain stands on the earth. The evolutionist declares the biggest burp of all started our universe, and that we are only one fly speck on the pattern of an uncountable number of accidental burps working to create only an illusion of purpose. It has all just been one act of ultimate randomness.
Which is easier to believe? Which view takes the most faith? Which view is the most incredible?
When the simple sense makes the best sense then seek no other sense.


Deborah said...

It does take a lot of FAITH to believe in Evolution -- if you are aware enough to question it. So many people accept E without question because "everyone" talks about it as if it is factual and proven-beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt.
It bothers me no end to see our society being lied to so often about so many things, and often through mainstream media. Maybe blogging will help offset this -- Hugh Hewitt seems to thinks so!

Mr. D said...

Good point Daughter!

Miroslav said...

Yeah... I swear that there has started to be some sort of shift in thinking on Evolution. Everytime I hear it being talked about, it seems that it has been lowered from FACT to a theory. At least a more honest appraisal.
I, yes even I, the eternal disagreer of deborah, agree that it takes more faith to believe in Evolution than it does a Creator.
Good point chick.
And well written blurb Mr. D.

Mr. D said...

Thanks Miroslav

Mr. D said...

Ock·ham's razor
When the there are two theories to explain something the simplest should be chosen over the most complex. I had forgotten all about Ockham's razor.

David said...

When we look at the things right around us, our pets, our flowers, trees, etc, the things we are most familiar with, we observe them closely. We see how perfectly they function and maintain themselves. I watch my dogs, each with its own personality, mental and physical ability. And I always come away amazed at their abilities! How could the animals, being unlearned by human standards, even begin to decided they need to adapt to their surroundings, an accomplishment that all us genius rocket scientists cannot even fathom!

Maybe its because I'm not using a microscope or telescope, and use just eyes and a simple commoner thought process that God gave me, that I end up with more and more faith and appreciation for the great Creator every day. I feel sad for the people who see nature not as a gift of love, but as a cold, hard, hunk of machinery, having arrived to us from cold, hard, big emptiness. Maybe they would call me insane, but Satan does whatever he can to twist the truth coming to the trusted "deep thinkers," of our society and once everyone stops thinking for themselves, then those "deep thinkers" set the standard of what is true and how we all should interpret all the incoming signals of reality. God gave us all a brain and it amounts to a big slap in His face if we chose to not use that wonderful gift.

All I know is what the Bible says, "Though hand join in hand, the wicked will not be unpunished." Prov. 11:21.

David said...
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Mr. D said...

The gospel is foolish to those of the world. David, I seem to remember something which you said your father used to tell you about being too wise for your own good. Your wisdom seems sufficient to me- though not to the world, I daresay. A soul which looks at God is forever changed and the dividing line of truth is almost upon us, where the wheat and the tares will be forever separated.

David said...

Yes, that time is rapidly approaching. It even feels like its accelerating. Doesn't it seem too much to believe. I mean, I've talked about it all my life, but now that its upon us, its different. We haven't followed cunningly devised fables after all.