Sunday, January 08, 2006

A Grocery Store Trip

When is a grocery store trip more than a grocery store trip?
Answer: When it is done in behalf of Katrina victims.

    Recently my two brothers and their sons spent their Christmas vacations doing something useful. They went to Gulfport, Mississippi to help Katrina victims rebuild. One hundred and five men left their families and their vacations to join together with an ongoing effort put together by Calvary Chapel Ministries. Every few weeks Calvary Chapel is rotating men and crews together and rebuilding in the name of Christ.
    On a one to ten scale of life changing experiences, my 50 year old brother said this one was off the charts! One of the many stories that he told I would like to recount here. Anyway my brother was directed to be the designated gofer. He practically lived at Home Depot, which he said was so short-handed that he had to wait hours for check out, and they kept trying to give him a job! The day before he left, it was his turn to teach a replacement, who became somewhat abashed over contractors asking him to pick up unknown stuff. The guy evidently felt inept (as well I might) in picking up the right stuff to please the contractors.
    I guess the fellow expressed his frustration and their leader took him aside and suggested that he was looking at this the wrong way. Their leader said I want you to go buy groceries for all the guys and when you are in line find someone who is a Katrina victim and buy their groceries.
So, in the grocery line he introduces himself to a couple who say they are doing fine and are not victims. However someone in the next line overhears the conversation and says that they lost everything. He offers to pay for their groceries which they gratefully accept, but the first couple he had introduced himself too started crying. He asked why they were crying, and they said, “You are doing what we should be doing.”
    So why do I include this story in Building Biblical Pillars? There are several levels in which the love of Christ are showing in the story, but I am reminded of the prayer of Jesus for his church: May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me.
    My brother told me scores of stories like this, of people coming to Christ that they worked with and worked for. I think they encountered a Biblical Pillar in their unity together. What do you think?


Deborah said...

Hi, Dad! I am so glad to hear that Marty and B and the boys had a good time and saw God doing wonderful things. How exciting for them. Yeah! I can't wait to hear more about it.
Isn't it GREAT that God reached down into your family? This is a good example of what I mean by saying I believe more in "Calvinism" these days. Not simply a pre-determined set of events or a God who is sovereign, but the fact that it obvious that GOD HIMSELF came after your family -- they didn't have to go looking for Him!
I'm glad God found you, and I'm glad God decided to stick me into your family :)

your only son (for now) said...

I'm so glad they had an awesome trip!

I just wanted to say that I second the "I'm glad God found you"! I couldn't have asked for a better Father-In-Law, and I'm not just saying that because I'll need more help with the garage. I guess being away from family and friends really made me appreciate what God has given me.

And yes, may we all look for opportunities to show Christ to the world.

Mr. D said...
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